Melanie Taylor’s paintings and drawings are an interpretation of observations and creation of fictions. Inspired by places experienced and known, the works evoke the sense of moving through a space. They challenge us to consider the idea and memory of Landscape/Place, operating as an apparition of vision and existing on the threshold between reality and imagination.
The images are often unpopulated with markers of activity giving evidence of past and future interactions: gates, ruins, fence posts, paths. The viewer is invited to interpret the images while referring to the real spaces that inspired them and the fictions they have become. Trees feature in the painting space, at once defined and disintegrating into atmosphere, half appearing in a sideways glance. Marks of paint and gestural notations allude to the materialization of forms yet the impression returns to memory, a fragment.
The paintings allow for process and the role of chance to be revealed in the image. Elemental forces of gravity, paint application and removal, marks moving in and out of the painting ground, all interconnect. The coexistence of the unpredictable and deliberate paint mark relates to the factual and uncontrollable nature of the Landscape.
Melanie Taylor received her BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design and her MA Fine Art from the University of Southampton, UK, at the Winchester School of Art. She has exhibited her work in galleries and museums in the UK, USA, Spain, Mexico and India, and her work is held in numerous private and public collections. She is the recipient of professional awards for both her artwork and work as a teaching artist. 

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